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Tolerance Induction related

EP2596802, US2014335162, WO2013075846, CN104039349, IN3429DEN2014
“Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of allergic reactions”

EP2813242, WO2014198420
“Low molecular weight immune-modulators as adjuvants for specific immunotherapy”

EP2746396, US2014178474
“Selective local inhibition of TNFR1-mediated functions at the site of antigen/allergen presentation”

EP2918262, US2015283231
“Induction of Antigen-Specific Tolerance by Peripheral Phagocytosis”

C3 depletion related

EP1644409, US7553931, US8119769, WO2005003159
“Complement depletion using recombinant human C3-derivatives”

EP2674168, US2013337044
“Modulation of Effector T Cell Responses by Local Depletion of Complement Component C3”

Novel adjuvants related

EP2674167, US2013337045
“Controlled activation of complement components for use as endogenous adjuvant”

Recombinant allergens related

EP1846556, US7846690, WO2006063800
„Cloning of honey bee allergen“ (Api m 3)

„Cloning of honey bee allergen“ (Api m 3 CIP)

EP1873165, US7888068
„Cloning of honey bee allergen C“ (Api m 5)

EP2243791, EP2403868, US8802836, WO2010099956
“Cloning and recombinant production of Vespula venom protease and methods of use thereof“ (Ves v 4)

“Antibody compositions specific for IgE, IgG4 and IgA epitopes as tools for the design of hypoallergenic molecules for specific immunotherapy” (Hypoallergenic molecules)

CDx related

EP1777524, US7897153
“Chimera of human IgE receptor alpha-chain and avian constant immunoglobulin domains for the determination of serum IgE” (IgE-AviQuant)

“Chimeric IgY Fc receptor constructs” (IgX-AviLink)

EP1757622, US7696323
“Bivalent IgY antibody constructs for diagnostic and therapeutic applications” (Chimeric IgY)

Aptamer related

EP1785490, US2010081801
“Method for determining an unknown PNA sequence and uses thereof” (PNA aptamers)

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