Recombinant Allergens: Improving Nature

Recombinant Allergens

Recombinant Allergens


PLS-Design has cloned and expressed a portfolio of more than 20 recombinant allergens for diagnostical and therapeutical applications. Most of the allergens are derived from insect venom protein genes.

The allergens are used for Component-resolved-Diagnostics of patient samples, to analyze the reactivity pattern in detail. Recombinant allergens allow the individual testing of allergens, even if they are rare or difficult to purify. We aim at analysing a large number of patients to evaluate common reactivity patterns and improve therapy outcomes.

Recombinant allergens can be modified on a molecular level, e.g. removal of glycosylation sites, inactivation of enzymatic activities, structural changes, to render these molecules hypoallergenic and enhance their efficency in therapeutical applications. In principle a therapy with single allergens or individualized compositions would be preferable. However, the regulatory authorization for such diverse sets of therapeutics is not feasible. Therefore, the available recombinant allergens can be combined to provide the best general composition to treat allergy patients, omitting venom components which are non-allergenic or toxic, improving the efficieny of insect venom therapy.

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